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Patria Educación

Lesson 4. Destination

Respuestas del libro


1.- Read the comic...


a. The comic is about a dog's behavior and the fact that can be jealous when it comes to their owners.

2.- Read the conversation...


b. The elements mentioned in the conversation are: both panels and the animal character

3.- Look at the...


To show interest and keep the conversation going:

How interesting; Really?

To ask for more details:

What do you mean?; Why do you say that?; What kind of details, exactly?

To clarify idea:

Let me explain myself; What I mean is that… For instance, in the first panel…


4.- Complete the dialogue...


a.      Really?

c.      For instance, in the second panel…

d.      What do you mean?

e.      What I mean

f.       How interesting!

g.      Let me explain myself

h.      What kind of details, exactly?

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