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All on board! 1 Student's book

Patria Educación

Lesson 1. Itinerary

Respuestas del libro


2.- Listen to...


a. because they'll present their choices to their classmates for a one week school trip.

b. a flyer, a website

3.- Listen to...


a.      Ruins

b.      Photos

c.      Picnic

d.      Oaxaca

e.      Four to six days tour

f.       Lake

g.      Visit a Tarahumara community

h.      Message 

Module 6-93

4.- Complete the table...


b.      Do you think?

c.      Don’t you think

d.      Right?

e.      Don’t get me wrong

f.       What if you

g.      Do you like

h.      Great idea

i.        I think

j.        Do you think


6.- Look at the...


Trip to: Yucatan and Quintana Roo

Things to do:

·        take day-tours to cenotes nearby

·        go to Chichen Itzá

·        visit Cenote Yokzodot where you can swim

·        buy handmade souvenirs

·        visit Cenote Dos Ojos where you can rent snorkelling equipment and go down into the caves

·        explore the Pyramids of Tulum

·        go to Loltun Caves where you can rent snorkelling equipment, swim and take photos.

Trip trip: Veracruz

Things to do:

·        go rafting in Filobobos

·        visit the archaeological site “El Cuajilote”

·        visit the waterfall “El Encanto” and swim in a natural pool

·        visit caves nearby

·        walk in the jungle and organize games and picnic

·        spend two or three days in the Emerald Coast

·        swim in hotel’s swimming pool

·        go to Tajin, one of the most important archaeological sites in Veracruz and learn more about the Totonac civilization. 

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