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Lesson 2. Departure

Respuestas del libro


2.- Listen to..


a.      the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua and the trip to Veracruz

b.      they will present advantages and disadvantages in both trips.

3.- Classify..


b.      Traveling by train will be a new experience

c.      We can visit Tarahumara community

d.      Walking around the lake might not be very exciting for everyone

e.      The train is expensive

f.       Traveling by plane is expensive

Module 6-97

4.- Listen to..


a.      However

b.      On top of that

c.      But

d.      On the one hand

e.      On the other hand

f.       Although 

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5.- Look at..


b. On top of that

c. On the other hand

d. However

e. On the one hand

f. Although


6.- Make a table..


Some advantages are:

·        Staying at a campsite can be fun and different

·        Outdoor activities can also be fun and exciting

·        Students not participating in outdoor activities can stay at the campsite and swim or play

·        Sharing rooms with others can help students exercise tolerance

·        Students not participating in swimming or water activities can still have fun (walking in the jungles or visiting caves)

·        Visiting ruins can be interesting and students can learn from ancient civilizations

Some disadvantages are:

·        Staying at a campsite in Tlapacoyan  very might not be comfortable

·        Parents or teachers will say some activities are dangerous, such as rafting

·        Having our meals in just one place can become boring

·        Some classmates may not know how to swim

·        Not every may enjoy outdoor activities

·        Sharing rooms can be difficult.

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