Secundaria. Primer grado.

Beats! Activity book

Princetown, Correo del Maestro

Lesson 3

Respuestas del libro


1.- Look at the..


He is going to fall into the sewer

They are painting a picture

She is not going to get into the water

They are not going to see a horror movie

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Think and do

4.- Analyze and correct..


Immediate predictions based on evidence, verb to be in the present + going to.

Different for all the pronouns

Is going to

Is going to

Are not + going to

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5.- Use the evidence...


1.      He is going to take a trip

2.      He is going to make a left turn

3.      She will get a ticket

4.      He is not going to use his car today

5.      They are not going to play the finals

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9.- Read and choose..


a)      Will + Subject + simple form of the verb

b)     Question word + will + subject + simple form of the verb

c)      The connector if

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10.- Unscramble the following..


1.      Will humans go to the moon for a vacation?

2.      Will people live longer if science makes new discoveries?

3.      Will one government rule the world?

4.      Which place will the humans colonize first, the moon or Mars?

5.      Where will people work from?

6.      What will happen if people eat nutrition pills instead of food?

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