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Crossover 1 Activity book

University of Dayton Publishing

Unit 3. Free-time activities

Respuestas del libro

Identify and analyze

2.- Answer the questions...


a)      About popular free-time for young people

b)     In a magazine

3.- Find the numbers...


1.- b: 95.2 percent of 12 years old enjoy hanging out.

2.-a: under 12 years old buty obe quarter of videogames

2.-b: Three quarters of US play videogames

3.-a: The average 8-11 years old spend 28 hours per week watching TV

3.-b: they spend 4 hours per week on homework.

4.- Write the names...


Play: soccer, basketball, football, videogames.

Do: karate, gymnastics, sports.

Go: biking, jogging, walking, skateboarding, rollerblading, swimming, diving, snorkelling, to the movies.

Describe habits

1.- Underline the...


a)      Spend

b)     Do, like, doing

c)      Do (not), play

d)     Plays, watches, goes, uses,

e)     Do, practice

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3.- Complete the survey..


1.      Do, do

2.      Play

3.      Go

4.      Do, watch

5.      Don’t have

6.      Have 

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Express compliments

1.- Look at the...


a)      Watching TV, watching a movie, rollerblading, skateboarding, hanging out.

2.- Listen...


Scott: hanging out with friends, watching TV

Jess: rollerblading, watching movies

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3.- Listen and underline...


a)      Doesn’t have enough

b)     Scott

c)      Jess

d)     Sometimes

4.- Listen ...


a)      2

b)     3

c)      1

Express preferences

1.- Read the sentences..


Expressing likes: a, c, i

Expressing dislikes: f, h

Expressing compliments: b, d ,e, g

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2.- Match the questions...


a)      I like skateboarding and I love soccer

b)     Because is exciting. I can’t stand slow sports

c)      Barcelona, they’re great. I hate Real Madrid

d)     10 to 12 hours I’d rather be outside than outside

e)     On Sundays, I love going to the movies

f)       I enjoy action films, but I prefer comedies.

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Exchange compliments

1.- Read the report..


a) recommendation

b) introduction


2.- circle two..


but. however

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Exchange likes

2.- Read the article..


a)      3

b)     5

c)      1

d)     2

e)     4

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