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Got it! 1 1st Grade Secondary


Lesson 7. Leopards and spots

Respuestas del libro

Lesson 7A

1.- Title the story


How the leopard got his spots

Lesson 7B

4.-Find this information...


a.     : __”I’ll take the spots, then,” said the Leopard___

b.       “I’ll make them with the tips of my fingers,” said the Ehiopian

c.    __the Ethiopian put his five fingers close together__________

d.       __”Why didn’t you go spotty too?”______

e.      __So they went away and lived happily ever afterward, Best Beloved__

5.-Organize key...


( 2 )

( 5 )

( 3 )

( 4 )

( 7 )

( 6 )

( 1 )

Lesson 7C

1.-Look at these...


…the                      -            The Happy Prince

I was                    -            The Princess and the Pea

…He                      -             The Happy Prince

...The Mayor          -            The Happy Prince



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