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Lengua Adicional al Español IV

Second conditional

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Actividad 3.1
Match the "if-clauses" with "result-clauses" to form conditional sentences.


  1. f
  2. e
  3. h
  4. a
  5. g
  6. b
  7. c
  8. d
Actividad 3.2
Write the sentences from activity 3.1


  1. If you drove a little faster, you would be there on time.
  2. If my dad had enough time, he would help me with the house work.
  3. If we were rich, we would travel around the world.
  4. If I didn't have friends, I would be lonely.
  5. If he was trustworthy, he wouldn't lose my trust.
  6. If she was honest, her parents wouldn't be very upset.
  7. If Jean told the truth, we would have respect for her.
  8. If I realized you were sleeping, I wouldn't make noise.
Actividad 3.3
Complete the second conditional sentences using the simple past of the verb in the if clause and conrtacted form of would in the result clause.


  1. If you stayed here, we'd play soccer together.
  2. If we had a car, we'd go to Puebla.
  3. If you did not practice, you'd fail again.
  4. If you had an ariplane, we'd fly to Monterrey.
  5. If he was a rich man, he'd buy a castle.
Actividad 3.4
Complete the sentence with the words in parenthesis.


  1. Tomorrow it's my best friend's birthday. If I had some money, I could buy him a gift.
  2. If I didn't find it hard to say no, I might do what I want to do.
  3. If you sent an e-mail tonight, you could read it tomorrow.
  4. If I found the TV's remote control, I would change the channel.
  5. If I was older, I would see things differently.
  6. If teenagers wanted freedom, would we give it to them?
  7. If a friend had a moral dilemma, would we give an advice to help him?
  8. If you obey your parents, they could trust you.

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