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Lengua Adicional al Español IV

Relative pronouns and relative clauses

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Actividad 2.1
Complete the sentences with the relative pronouns: that, who, which, where.


  1. who
  2. who
  3. where
  4. which
  5. that
  6. that
  7. who
  8. who
Actividad 2.2
Write the commas in the correct place in the following non-defining relative clauses.


  1. Leon, which is an important city in Guanajuato, is recognized for its commercial center.
  2. My father, who is a very active person, plays soccer on weekends.
  3. I like my apartment, which is in first floor, has a pool and garage.
  4. Sweep the floor, which is a housework, is my favorite cleaning activity.
  5. Broccoli, carrots and lettuce, which are important meals for health, must be included in your diet.
  6. Jeans, which are comfortable clothes, are in fashion now.
  7. Nelson Mandela, who was born in South Africa, won the President´s election in 1994.
  8. The lawyer, who is a very honest person, works for the legal system.
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