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All on board! 1 Student's book

Patria Educación

Lesson 2. Departure

Respuestas del libro


2.-Listen to the...


Alan:present: goes to the university and helps at dogs shelters.  Future: finish university and probably open a dog shelter.


Andrew: present: writing the soundtrack for a film. Future: go on tour around Europe with other musicians.

3.- Listen to Alan's...


a.      Question

b.     Things

c.      Fan

e. Don't

f. Rock

g. Projects

h. Future

j. Coming

Module 1

4.- Liste to Andrew's..


a.      6

b.     3

c.      8

d.     10

e.      4

f.       1

g.      2

h.     7

i.       5

j.       9

5.- Classify expression..


a.      I’m a huge fan of social media  - I enjoy working with other musicians.

b.     I’m not into rock  - I can’t stand traveling.

c.      That would be awesome  -  I’m sure the music would be beautiful.

d.     Wait!  -  Sorry!

e.      You like music, don’t you?  -  Is that correct?

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1.- Look at the...


a.      And

b.     First

c.      Then

d.     But

e.      so

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