Secundaria. Primer grado.

All on board! 1 Student's book

Patria Educación

Lesson 3. Pathway

Respuestas del libro


2.- Match the questions...


a.      4

b.     3

c.      2

d.     1

Module 1-19

3.- Look back at...


a.      1 Yamilet, 2 Kevin, 3 Aiko, 4 Abayomi

b.     1, I’m going on tour around the world. 2, My mother is very supporter of my work. 3, I don’t like talking to big groups of people. 4, I enjoy working with people.

c.      So, and, but, first, then.

d.     And: connects similar ideas. But: connects contrasting ideas, so: express a consequence. First and then: express a sequence of actions.

4.- Match the main...


1.- and My favorite author is Octavio Paz.

2.- but I think 'The exorcist' is really good.

3.- then I will study Chinese.

4.- so I will organize a food donation campaign for animal shelters.

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