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1.-Read the..


a)      She is not feeling well

b)     Because she missed the Math exam and she has a terrible stomachache

c)      Sodas, pizzas and hamburguers.

d)     Not at all

4.-Read the following..


Abilities: they smell and hear very well. They are very intelligent and sociable physical characteristics. They are enormous animals with small ears.

Other characteristics: intelligent, sociable, can live up to 80 years , can’t see well.

Food: leaves, fruit, and tree bark.

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7.- Read and mention..


None of them are. Their translation sounds completely different from the English form.

8.-Organize the..


a)      Accuse: VERB- acusar- to tell someone

b)     Activity-NOUN-actividad- something that can be done or perform

c)      Compare-VERB-comparar. To draw conclusions by having two objects or subjects differences and similarities analysed.

d)     Delicious-ADJECTIVE-delicioso-extremely appealing to the senses

e)     Dictionary-NOUN- diccionario-a compendium of terms of words that include their meanings.

f)       Fantastic-ADJECTIVE-fantastico-something or someone that astounds or fascinates.

g)      History-NOUN-historia- the development of a certain happening.

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