Secundaria. Primer grado.

Got it! 1 1st Grade Secondary


Lesson 3. Happy dialogues

Respuestas del libro

Lesson 3A

1.- Complete the dialogue...


Girl: I think…

Boy: Ok..

Girl: serving plates.

Boy: we can do..

Girl: as volunteers.

Boy: we are accepted.

2.- Complete the dialogue...


a.      Good morning! Can I help you?

b.      Right. What can you do?

c.      Really? That’s great!

d.      Tomorrow at 10 a. m.

e.       Thank you very much.

f.       See you then.

Lesson 3B

1.- Listen to the...


a.      It is about a job request.

b.      In a public space.

c.       To work.

d.       A cook.

e.      The man.

Lesson 3C

1.- Read these parts...












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