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Warm-up stage

Respuestas del libro

Better safe than sorry (Session 1)

2.Think about your own experience facing environmental emergencies...



b. Poster

c. Radio



  • Which o the following options do you use to obtain information in an emergency situation?


  • Which ones do you trust the most? Why?

-Radio, because the information is trustworthy.

  • Discuss which of these behaviors are best for you when facing an environmental emergency (or natural disaster). Look at the example

-Know how to react in a solidary and collaborative way.

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Session 2

4.Read the following criteria...


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5.With your teacher's help, look up...


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6.Brainstorms some ideos to answer the following questions...


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Session 4

7.Look at the sets of instructions you found in Activity 5...



Words and expressions list Addressee/Reasons

Stay calm These instructions are addressed

Drop, cover and hold on to the general public, for it to be

easier to understand.

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8.In your notebook, make a diagram...



What to do in case of an earthquake:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Stay away from objects that could fall
  3. Drop, cover and hold on
  4. Do not use the elevator
  5. Use stairs
  6. Help others

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