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Lesson 1

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Unit 5 Lesson 1

1- Read the extract of the story


2, 3, 1

2- Work in pairs and discuss


Students´own answer

3- Write Monologue or Dialog


a. Dialog

b. Monologue

Unit 5 Lesson 1

4- Match the genres of monologues


Interior monologue is a speech that expresses a character´s thoughts so that the audience can understand what is going inside the character´s mind. It can be funny or serious.

Dramatic monologue is a speech by a single character given to the audience or another character. It can be formal or informal, funny or serious.

5- Listen and read along


  1. Interior
  2. Dramatic

6- Work in pairs


Presentation and the burial of Caesar.

Anne of Green Gables is funny, and Marc Anthony is serious.

Because it is about buying Caesar.

For teenagers and on.

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Unit 5 Lesson 1

7- Classify the topics



Things that I do that annoy my parents.

Good and bad things about having siblings.


The coolest project I have made.

Students should choose what they want to learn at school.


My hobbies.

The craziest things I´ve done.


My best friend.

How I met my girlfriend/ boyfriend?

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