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Lesson 2

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Unit 5 Lesson 2

2- Work in pairs


Who is Collin speaking to? Collin is speaking to his own self practicing his speech

What is the purpose of his speech? To convince the audience to vote for him.

3- Now, listen to the monologue


The answer is the picture in the middle

4- Read the statements and underline


  1. important
  2. make visual contact with his audience
  3. I show enthusiasm by making some body movements
Unit 5 Lesson 2

5- Listen to Kate´s monologue


To her father

a school party

That her father lets her go to the party

6- Check the emotions she wants



7- Look and match the pictures


2, 4, 1, 3

Unit 5 Lesson 2

10- Plan and write a monologue


I feel angry with you/ because I don´t like your behaviour/ but the only thing that relieves the sense of inadequacy as a parent is focus on the individual needs/ of each child as separate from our ideas and feelings.

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