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Lesson 1

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Unit 7 Lesson 1

1- Read about three simple machines


  1. They are non-motorized and they change the direction of a force
  2. They change the direction of a force as well as multiply that same force
  3. A wedge
  4. A screw
  5. A screw

2- Match the pictures





Unit 7 Lesson 1

3- Look at the infographic


  1. c)
  2. a)
  3. b)
  4. a)
Unit 7 Lesson 1

7- Read the text again


  1. It used to lift heavy objects or things
  2. A person loops a rope over the wheel and pulls that rope in order to lift things
  3. A two-wheel pulley reduces the weight in half of what it is lifted in comparison to the single pulley
  4. The text compares levers and pulleys
  5. They both magnify forces and only if that effort is used over a long distance
  6. You need to sit four times further away from the fulcrum than the person is
  7. They both magnify forces, only if they use that effort over a long distance
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