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Lesson 1

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Unit 8 Lesson 1

2- Match the places in the pictures with the products they sell


home appliances - 4

stationary - 2

sporting goods - 3

electronics - 1

3- Classify the following


Sporting goods - 1 and 7

Electronics - 3 and 5

Home appliances - 4 and 8

Stationary - 2 and 6

Unit 8 Lesson 1

5- Listen again and answer the questions


Dialog 1

What did the man buy? An electronic product.

What´s the problem? He don´t found the product that he want.

What solution does the sales clerk offer? Search the product in other stores.

Is the man satisfied? No

Dialog 2

What is the woman complaining about? She gets angry

What is the problem? He gave a bad notice

Does the man offer a solution? Yes

Is the woman satisfied? No

Unit 8 Lesson 1

8- Work in pairs


SC: I´m afraid that´s not possible

C: Thanks, that´s kind of you

SC: We don´t exchange

C: I demand to speak to the person in charge

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