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Lesson 3

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Unit 9 Lesson 3

2- Listen and read


  1. Babushka which means old woman or grandmother
  2. Fertility and motherhood
  3. It is a nested doll and inside the biggest ones there are smaller versions of itself
  4. They make the smallest one first
  5. Signing the largest doll and writing the number of dolls in the set
Unit 9 Lesson 3

4- Complete the second column


Russia - Mexico

Vasily Zvyozdochkin and Sergey Malyutin - Pedro Linares

1890 - 1936

A nested doll with two halves that can be pulled apart - Unnatural, colorful animals

Japanese doll - Dreams during sickness

Wood - Paper mache and cardboard

Peasant girls, fairy tales, animals, Christmas, famous people - Animals

Artists at factories - Linare´s descendants at family workshops

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