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Stage 2

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requieren del apoyo de tus compañeros. Realiza la actividad dentro de tu salón y responde como se te indica.
stage 2

Toolbox. Complete the table with examples of offers and requests from the conversation in Excersice 2.


You have to go to the conversation in excersice 2. By checking that conversation you will complete the table with examples of offers and requests. Some examples will be:


-I would like to return this CD.


-Can I take it back?

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3-.Choose the expressions to make requests and offer solutions during your role-play


You have to give a request in order to offer a solution. Because it is roleplay you can give any kind of request and solution. For example:


-Can you turn the AC off?

Offer solution

-We could give you a blanket.

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Stage 2

4-. Figure out the meaning of the meaning of the expressions and match them to the pictures.


You have to match the picture that matches the description of the expression.

1 matches to A because it shows satisfaction.

2 matches to C becauseitshows approval.

3 matches to B becauseit shows discomfort.

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Classify them under the correct catefory.


You have to classify wether it is a empathy comment or an impolite comment:


Im sorry to hear that.

Let me see what I cando about it.


That´s dissapointing. You are no help!

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stage 3

6-. Choose the expressions to be empathetic during role-play


You have to choose the expressions that shows empathy during the role-play. In this examples you can use expressions similars as the ones that are shown. Some examples of some new ones can be:

-Is there anything more you need.

-Let´s work something out.

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7-. Work in pairs. Share you feelings and reactions about your complaints from Exercise 4


Now you have to share with your partner how the complaints you used before made you feel but now using the expressions used in exercise 4.


  • I was upset that my fathers forgot my birthday.
  • I was happy about the free meal.
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8-. Think about your progress.


Here you have to make a list of the expressions you learned in this chapter 2.

For example:

  • Make Request: Can you pass me the rule?
  • Offer solutions: Sure! here is the rule you asked for.
  • Be empathetic: Thats is terrible, let me help you
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