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Come Together 2 Students book

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Stage 3

Respuestas del libro

Stage 3

1-Read the complaint and identify the problem and the solution.


A customer its calling to a company because a product he bought from them a fitness machine is missing a part.

The main problem is that the customer is calling one month after buying the machine and the company says that the orders are checked before shipping. Also the customer doesn't know the name of the missing part.

The solution is posible because the customer gives a brief description of the part and the assistant identifies that the missing part is a gear. And they will send the gear in four to six days.

At the end the assistant apologize for the inconvenience

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2-. Underlined the questions the assistant did to the customer


The questions the assistant did to the customer were:

What can i do for you?

are you sure sir?

Do you know the name of the missing part?

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Stage 3

3-. Ask the first question in the exercise 1


The first question on exercise 1 is what can i do for you?. Invent a scenario to answer that question. Example:

-What can i do for you?

-yeah how much for this toy?

-which toy?, the little car?

4-. Make a list


You have to fill the information required to complete a conversation,

Problem, Solution, expression to make a request, expression to offer a solution, expression to show empathy.

For example:

Problem: To short to reach for a object.

Solution: He ask a tall person to reach for it

Expression to make a request: Hey sorry can you grab that item in the top shelf?

Expression to offer a solution: The one on the shelf to my right?

Expression to show empathy: Heres your item, im sorry you are so short.

5-. Think of questions you can ask to find out information about a product or service.


Ask questions to know a bout objects, products, etc. Example:

How made this curtain?

Why does it matter?

Why are the books so cheap?

Its because they are used books

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Stage 3

6-. Share your questions


In here you ask the questions you did in the exercise before to a friend.

7-. Graphic organizer.


Just follow the order A to B. Example:

A: Can i help you?

B:Introduce the complaint. Yes theres a problem with the vacuum cleaner i bought

A: Ask the problem. Whats the problem with the vacuum cleaner?

B: Explain the complaint. Yes as soon as i turn it on five minutes later and it automatically turns off

A: Offer the solution. Hmm it must be a problem with the wires, let me take a look

B: Agree or disagree. Ok heres the vacuum cleaner for you to check

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