Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 1

Respuestas del libro

1) Work in pairs

You have to listen to the conversation and discuss


Listen to the conversation

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2) Work in small groups

Read and listen to the conversation


  1. Yes, there are floods where i live. The problems are that some neighborhoods flood.
  2. Yes, it is. The garbage covers the pipes.
  3. Yes, because maybe people would be more careful.
3) Work in small groups

Write a list of problems..


  • Gargabe on the streets
  • Bad streets
  • Pollution
6) Work in small groups

Listen to the public services


You have to listen and aswer the question.

Tienes que escuchar el audio y contestar las preguntas de abajo.

8) Make a list of the agreements

Make a list.... (Example)


Problem: Garbage on the streets

Action to solve the problem: Put posters of the consequences of throwing garbage

A fact: Visual media attract people to pay attention

Who can do it: Teens and adults

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