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Stage 2

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Stage 2 Unit 2



Greeting people is different from country to country. What is usual for us can be rude or unusual in other countries



Handshakes are very rude when meeting someone, for example in Japan or Thailand, where they use to bow when meeting someone

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Nevertheless, handshakes are also different from country to country, for example; in México or Russia, handshakes are very firm, while in United Kingdom they prefer a quick and softer handshake

P. 4


In some places, kissing from cheek-to-check is very common like in French or Italia, however, Germans don’t like kissing and prefer a handshake



Greetings can be very different from place to place

Stage 2. Unit 2

2-. Ways people treat each other


The first photo to the right its a bow.

The middle photo is a handshake

The photo on the left is a hug

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3-. Discuss how greeting in exercise two make you feel


For example you can say the bow makes you feel uncomfortable or the hug makes you happy

4-. Answer the questions


1-. What cultural habit is the essay about? The way people greet each other

2-. How do people in Japan in Thailand do to greet each other? A bow

3-. Where is kissing a common habit to greet? In Europe, french and italians

4-. Why are greetings important? Its important to know them to avoid offending someone.

STAGE 2 P. 31

5-. Put the number of the paragraph next to the description


1) The paragraph describes the introduction of the essay: 1

2) These paragraphs are the bodies of the essay: 2,3,4

3) This paragraph is the conclusion of the essay: 5

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6-. Check if the information next was on the essay


1) The importance of greeting around the world: (X)

2) The differences between Japanese and Thai greetings: ()

3) The differences between Russian and Mexican greetings: ()

4) The differences between French and German greetings: (X)

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8-. Making a paragraph


Make the idea and subjects of a paragraph. For example

Main idea of the paragraph: the struggle to be in good health in Mexico.

What is it about: its about the issues one has that keep him from being in good health

Where does it happen: in Mexico

How does it happen: There are many things in out lives that we are used to like fast food or we are busy studying that makes it harder to be in good health.

Why does it happen? Because we are used to these thing and they ara cheap and accesible.

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But, however, while, unlike, in contrast



Both, like, similar, same


Mexico celebrates Independence Day. The USA celebrates the Independence Day


Like Mexicans, Americans celebrate the Independence Day

Mother’s Day in USA is on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day in México is on May 10th.


While Mother’s Day in USA i son the 2nd Sunday of May, mother’s day in México is on May 10th

México celebrates Día de los muertos. Canada doesn’t celebrete Día de los muertos.


Unlike México, Canada doesn’t celebrate día de los muertos

For you final product

10-. Complete the table


My cultural habit: Write something people do where you live. Example:In Mexico we give firm handshake

The other cultural habit: The thing people do where you live now write about a place where they don't do that. Example: Unlike Mexico in French we kiss.

11-. Use the information used in exercises 8 and 10.


Connect the ideas you use on excersice 8 to the things you wrote on exercise 10.

Example: People in Mexico has a lot of customs like giving a handshake when greeting someone and buying cheap food.

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