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Come Together 2 Students book

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Stage 1

Respuestas del libro

Unit 3. Stage 1

1-. Look the materials and tell your partner what do you think they are about.


A-. Its about hurricanes and what to do when they happen to you.

B-. Its a manual to be prepared for a hurricane so it doesn't affect you as much

C-. Its a sign that is on the beach. With four images the high wave means exactly what it says there are high waves so be careful when you go in. Storm warning means that theres a probability that a storm comes so be wary. High winds thats it there are high winds. Hurricane warning means that a hurricane its coming so be prepared.

2-. Match the sentence with the image on exercise


1) Its about what the general public can do in case of a hurricane: A

2) It has purpose to inform about the weather conditions: C

3) Its for children: B

4) Its for people in a public area. C

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Stage 1

3-. Explanation of Exercise 1 AGAIN


Its the same you did in exercise 1 but instead of discussing it with a partner you are gonna write a little explanation of what you see when you look at the pictures on exercise 1.

4-. Read the hurricane preparedness manual. And answer the questions


1) Where can you find information about the different part of the manual? In page number 1

2) How many sections does the manual have? What is a hurricane, instructions, abbreviations, emergency numbers.

3) Are bullets used to list instructions or to decorate? list instructions

4) What is the purpose of the pictures? to help the reader get an idea of what the paper is saying.

5) Hay is the purpose of putting text on a green box? To decorate a little and also draws the attention of the reader.

6) Why are some words in intense black? So people can differentiate that they are subtitles.

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Stage 1

5-. Read the sentences and write them in the correct poster


Discuss the elements of the document in exercise 4 with your partners.

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6-. Write the sentences in the correct poster


In the poster with the dog. Be safe in a Hurricane:

  • Tip. If you are scared. Its OK. Talk to and adult about it.
  • Bring your toys inside the house. They can fly away with the wind and hit people!
  • Dont explore outside without permission. Cool kids take good care.

In the poster with the hurricane. Prevent and act:

  • Turn off gas, water and electricity supplies
  • Protect children. Keep them away from windows.
  • Tip: If you don't have shutters for your windows, protect them with boards.

Stage 1

7-. Discuss and answer the questions


1-. Do you think illustrations for children treats the topic in a more friendly easy way? Well the correct answer is yes. But if you feel lie it doesn't its ok its your opinion.

2-.Do you think a child can follow the instructors in the poster for adults? No its more difficult for them because there are to much words.

3-. Do you think the instructions in the poster for children are also necessary for adults? No

4-. What differences can you see in the language of the instructors for children and adults

For your final product

8-. What kind of information and pictures do you need to include in instructions for environmental emergencies ?


This is all your opinion. But you can say that in that in children instructions about environmental emergencies need pictures to draw the attention of children and not use hard words also talk directly at them.

And in adults books the information its more generalized it not referring specifically to you.

9-. Make a list of environmental emergencies that can happen in your community


Here write environmental emergencies that happen in your city like fires, earthquakes, floods, etc.

Stage 1

10-. Select one emergency


Choose one environmental emergency. Fire, floods, earthquake, tsunami, etc.

11-. Decide if you want to create a poster for children or for adults.


Now that you chose a environmental emergency draw a poster for it can be for childrens or adults. You can look up posters on the internet to give you an idea

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