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Come Together 2 Students book

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Stage 3

Respuestas del libro

Stage 3

1-. Look at the signs and discuss what kind of emergency they inform about


The mind standing still. Means that you shouldn't move from where you are.

The man running with the big cross in the red. Means that you should run out of the building you should get out of the building walking and calmly.

The other man running means that you have to stay away from heavy furniture like a closet, tv., etc.

The two persons with the red cross means that you don't go in the elevator.

And the sign with the circle and the four arrows means that people needs to go that spot.

2-. Use the instructions on exercise 1 to write a manual.


Use the images above to form a manual.

During a earthquake:

You have to stay away form heavy furniture, stay in the indicated security areas and don't go into the elevator.

After the earthquake:

Go to the assembly point, don't run out of the building, walk quickly and calmly.

Stage 3

3-. Read and answer the questions


1) Don't run, stay away from heavy furniture, not to stay under doorways and plan with your family identify a safe zone to meet.

2) The answer to this questions is up to you what instructions did you already know the one from the previous exercises for example.

3) plan with you family, identify a safe sone to meet and that the famous safety triangle its false.

4-. Discuss what instructions form Exercise 2 and 3 are more important


In this one you have to choose with of the instructions are more important for you.

For example you could say that for earthquake its very important to not run.

Stage 3

5-. Answer the questions


1) Which underlined words would help us give a reason to explain an instruction? Beacause

2) Which of the underlined words help us introduce an example to understand an instruction better? Such as

3) Was there a reason or an example in the text that helped you understand an instruction better or realize how important it is? This is uo to you there is not a exactly right answer,

6-. Write sentences


Write sentences using the instructions that you believed were the most important from previous exercises

Stage 3

7-. Add explanations


Here you write the sentences that they asked you in exercise 5 but add the words used in exercise 5

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