Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

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Stage 4

Respuestas del libro

Stage 4

1-. Number the paragraph in the correct order


The proper order is:

1-. Its the introduction

2-. Prevent

3-.Act 1

2-. Look at the pictures in the text from Exercise 1


1) Describe the pictures: In one you see a backpack with all sorts of supplies for survival. And in the other picture its a seismograph that shows you the quality of the earthquake.

2) Discuss if the two pictures are related to the ideas in the paragraphs. Cross out the pictures that is not helpful. The picture of the backpack it useful because the text is talking about being prepared and the backpack representas that. But the second picture its not useful because the text is talking about wildfires and the pictures is a about a seismograph.

3) Look at the paragraph without a picture and propose one that could help explain or illustrate something. It can be a sign or another picture. In the part where the pictures doesn't match you can use a picture of a wildfire for example.

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3-. Read the paragraph with the title Act!



STAGE 4. Exercise 5

Prepare a first aid kid


Help injured people

Prepare a family evacuation plan


Don’t try to swim in flooded roads

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Locate high places


Disinfect furniture and persona objects

Put copies of personal documents in a plastic bag


Separate all your trash

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