Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 3

Respuestas del libro

Stage 3

1-. Look at the pictures


Look for the exact same words the boys say in the pictures but on the text and underlined it

Stage 3

3-. Sentences....AGAIN


The book just wants to repeat the same story over and over again. And each time requires more details and add how do you feel, your emotions

4-. Read anecdote in exercise 1


Just do as the little boxes say. In the first one for example the phrase Mark uses is What are we going to do?

Stage 3

6-. Place the sentence form the box in the correct place


Something great happened to me. Really? what?

My mother and i were walking to the river with our buckets. I was angry. Why were you angry?

It was hot and i was tired. what happened next?

I met a boy named pedro and i shared an apple with him.-Do you mean yo gave him a piece of you apple.

Yes, and we became best friends! What a great story

Stage 3

7-. Think of a sentence you can use to begin your anecdote


Think of a way to start your story. For Example:

I did something terrible last night

You won't believe what i heard

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