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Come Together 2 Students book

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Stage 1

Respuestas del libro

unit 5 stage 1

1-. Questions Below


Which play is for children? Peter Pan, The Proposal

Which play is about a character that does not want to grow up? Peter pan

Which play is for adults only? Romeo and Juliet

What is Mary Heart of Gold about? About an old lady who resolves situations with kindness

2-. Decide the genre


1) Romeo and Juliet: tragedy

2) Peter Pan: Musical

3) The proposal: Comedies

3) Mary Heart of Gold: Melodrama

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stage 1

How many characters are there in the party?


Four, including the narrator

Who are the characters in the scene one?


Mary and the narrator

Where does the scene happen?


In the kitchen of a house

After the fast scan, what happened in this scene? explain


Mary is going to dinner but she doesn’t have money… she decides that she may be able to change something for bread

stage 1 p.42

What happened first?


First she looks at the table



Then, she starts counting her food



Next, she realizes she doesn’t have bread

Finally, what she did?


Finally, she decides to try to exchange some apples for bread

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