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Respuestas del libro

Unit 6

Work in pairs. chech the news stories that you like to read.


  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment

Discuss in groups


1) what type of newspaper do you read?

Local and national newspapers

2) Where can you read new?

On paperand on the internet.

Initial Asessment

1) I_______ read news stories in English.

2)I __________ talk about new stories.

3) My opinions_________ change when i read new stories.

4) I ___________ feel confortable comparing news stories in a conversation.

5) I am _______ comfortable askng someone questions about the news.

6) I have ________ compared the same news story in different papers.



1) Sometimes

2) Usually

3) Sometimes

4) Always

5) Usually

6) Usually

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