Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 1

Respuestas del libro


Read the information about newspaper and complete the sentences below.


1- Sports

2- Classifie



5-top news

Unit six stage 1

Work in pairs. Look at the news stories and write the name of the section where you can find them.


A) Weather

B) Lifestyle

C) Classifie s

D) Sports

Unit 6 stage 1

what parts of an article do you pay most attention to?



  • Newspaper name
  • Heading
  • Pictures

Look at the news stories in Exercise 2 again and answer the questions


1) Do headlines and pictures help you anticipate the topic? Why?

Yes, because they are often related to the topic.

2) How are headlines different than the body of the news article?

The font is usually bigger, it is shorter and it´s objective is to catch your attention.

3)Why are Top News articles in the front page?

So they will catch attention of the buyer and interest them.

Unit 6 stage 1

Read the news and complete what you think the news story is about.


A) The story is about a new record of how low the temperature is

B) The story is about soprts, more specifically about Mexico´s victory

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