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Come Together 2 Students book

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Stage 2

Respuestas del libro

Unit 6 stage 2

Work in pairs. Look at the headline and the picture in the front page, and predict what you think the newspaper article is about.


The article is about sports. About how the Stingrays won against the Royal Hounds.

Read the Skills box and the article from Exercise 1 and untherline the correct answers.


1) The news story is about a hockey/soccer game.

2) It is from the Classidieds/ Sports/ Lifestyle section.

3)The Stingrays/ Royal Hounds won the game.

4) It is/ isn't the first time the Stingrays beat The Royal Hounds.

5)To have more information, The newspaper interviwed the Royal Hound's coach/ a sports expert.

Unit 6 Stage 1

Complete the graphic organizer and share it with a partner.


What? The victory of the Stingrays

Who? The Stingrays and the Royal Hounds

Where? At the Youth Cup soccer championship in Guadalajara

When? Yesterday

Unit 6 Stage 2

read the quotes and underline the idea that reflects their meaning.


1)b, beacause altough some players were injured they still played a good game.

2)a, they were eliminated from the tournament in this match.

3)b, he is optimistic about next year's tournament.

For your final product

Write notes on your article


Use the things below to help yo describe better your article like

The title

Its about

I found these quotes in my article

I could infer this information

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