Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 2

Respuestas del libro

1). Work in pairs

Work in pairs. Read the instructions and answer the questions below


1- was it easy to understand the instructions without pictures? It was difficult to understand without pictures.

2- what words do you think may be clearer by looking at pictures with labels? slingshot, projectile, pouch.

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requieren del apoyo de tus compañeros. Realiza la actividad dentro de tu salón y responde como se te indica.
5). Read carefully the information you will use to make your infographic.

Make a list of difficult words that you can explain with pictures when making infographic.


Example (new telephone)

Parts of the telephone:

●    turn on button

●    Call button

●    turn off button

●    go back button

●    finish call button

●    numeric keyboard

6). Read the instructions from exercice 1 again

Write in the organizer ideas about the explanations included for each section.


Main ideas:

To load the slingshot

Select projectile. How to put it in the pouch.

To prepare your aim

Grip the base of the slingshot with your dominant hand. Use thumb and index finger to hold the projectile in place.

To shoot the projectile

Stand sideways, keep your feet facing forward.

To be safe

Only use in open spaces, make sure no people are near, make sure elastic bands are in good condition and well attached to the pouch

7). Work in small groups

. Complete organizer with information from stages 1 and 2


Main ideas

To turn on telephone

press the power button for 5 seconds

To call a number

type the number of a new contact in the telephone keyboard and press the call button

To end call

press the end call button (usually identified as the red color button)

8). Work in pairs

Read the ideas in the organizer from exercise 6


1- Do the instructions need to explain what kind of projectile to use?

No, it doesn't have to explain what kind of projectile

2- Do the instructions need to explain how to stand correctly for a good aim?

Yes, they have to explain the correct way to stand for a good aim

10). Work in pairs

Check strategies to understand better the information


1-Understand technical terms with the help of graphics. 

2- Explain to others what i read.

3- Classify information in a graphic organizer.

4- Use my own experience with the topic

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