Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 3

Respuestas del libro

1). Work in small groups

Look at the pictures and discuss to what instruction below they belong


1- To load the slingshot (a)

2- To prepare your aim (c)

3- to shoot the projectile (b)

4- To be safe  (d)

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2). Work in pairs

Read the two different instructions and discuss the questions


1- which instructions are easier to understand for you? why? Instruction (B)

Because it has more details to help the reader follow the instructions

2- what did the author do in the underlined parts in the text b? was it useful?

The author explains in a more specific way every step of the instructions

3). Read the next section

Read the next section of the instructions and underline the first word of each sentence


1- stand sideways so that the shoulder …..

2-  Raise the slingshot so that it is a 90 angle …….

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4). Work in small groups

Use the information from the organizer on page 122..


Example (new telephone)

  • To turn on telephone: press the power button for 5 seconds
  • To call a number: type the number of a new contact in the telephone keyboard and press the call button
  • To end call: press the end call button (usually identified as the red color button)

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5). Write sentences

Write sentences with the verbs from your organizer in Exercise 5.


1- Check the products inside the machine

The first step to take when buying in a vending machine is to check the products inside and select the product code of the item you want to buy. 

6). Read the final part

Underline the sentences that say what you should do and (circle) the sentences that say what you (shouldn’t do)


To be Safe

1- To prevent accidents, (don’t use your slingshot near other people). Use it only in open spaces.

2- To avoid harming yourself, (don’t use the slingshot if the elastic bands are damaged or not well attached). Check the bands are in good conditions before use.

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8). Work in small groups

Think of safety recommendations you can include in your infographic…


To be safe

Example (new telephone)

To avoid accidents, keep phone away from water or liquids. Use a phone case to protect it from falling to the ground.

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10). Work in small groups

Discuss the questions


1- What steps did you follow to write the information that explains how your machine works? start sentence with the word you want to explain, use images,

2- How can you organize your information?

You can write your information with synonyms or explain in your own words what you understand in a way that is better for you to remember.

3- What did you learn about writing safety recommendations when using a machine?

Start with to +verb to explain the purpose of the recommendation

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