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Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 4

Respuestas del libro

1). Work in pairs

Read a student’s text about how to use a can opener…. check the elements you can find in the text.


The text has a title.

The text has several pictures that help understand the ideas.

All sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period.

The sentences are organized in sections, according to topics.

The text has no spelling mistakes.

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2). Make a list of the spelling

2). Make a list of the spelling and punctuation mistakes you found in the text from exercise 1 and write the corrections next to them


1- devise / device

2- canns /  cans

3- simpl /  simple

4- tihgt / tight

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3). Work in pairs

In your notebook, edit and write an improved version of the text in Exercise 1 according to the steps below.


How to use a can opener (title)

A can opener is a device to open metal cans with food. 

It has handles and a cutting wheel to cut and separate the led of the can.

It is simple to understand how it works.

First you have to hold the handles tight and squeeze them.

To operate it you have to turn the butterfly knob.

To avoid cutting yourself, don’t touch the sharp ends of the can when you open it.

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