Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 1

Respuestas del libro

2) Work in pairs

Read the skills box and decide what type the monologs are


  1. Speech
  2. Interior monolog
3) Read Roberto´s monolog again

Cricle his opinion and underline his reasons


Opinion: If i could change something in the wolrd, i would ban plastico bottles.

Reasons: First, they harm the enviroment. Plastic bottles take thousand of years...... they would save money and help the enviroment.

4) You are going to improvise a monolog in a game

Choose what kind of monolog


Main topic: Reduce the usage of normal cars


  • they pollute the environment
  • Bad for health
  • Use electric cars
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6) Complete the notecard

Complete the notecard with the topic of your monolog


Topic: Reduce the usage of normal cars

Genre: Speech

Opinion: If i could change something in the world, i would reduce the usage of normal cars because they pollute the enviroment

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10) Work in pairs

Answer the questions


  1. Speech and interior monolog
  2. Topic, genre and opinion

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