Secundaria. Segundo grado.

Come Together 2 Students book

Macmillan Publishers

Stage 3

Respuestas del libro

1) Read and listen to Cindy´s monolog.

Check what would you think is happening


Checked: 1,3,4,6

2) Discuss with your partner what...

Write a list of ideas using the information...


  • Don´t stop constantly
  • Be confident
  • Be fluent
  • Good volume voice
  • Don´t be nervous
  • Use appropriate body language
4) Write notes about your dream trip

Write notes about your dream trip


If i could make the trip of my dreams, i would go to Madrid, Spain for many reasons. First it´s a lovely city, second, i would like to know their culture. But most importantly i would love to watch a Real Madrid match in their stadium. For all these reasons, i would choose Madrid as my dream trip.

Nothing to be answered
7) Write the hypothesis and key ideas
7) Write your hypothesis and key ideas

Write your hypothesis and key ideas


Hypothesis; Usage of normal cars should be reduced

Key ideas:

  • They pollute the enviroment
  • Car smoke is bad for your health
  • Start the usage of electrical cars

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