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Dune and the Culture of Frank Herbert/ Little Women and 19th Century

Respuestas del libro

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


essay: ensayo

women: mujer

little: pequeño

century: siglo

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Fiction: ficción

lovers: amantes

must: deben

sent: enviado

empire: imperio

travel: viaje

enemies: enemigos

plot: trama

against: en contra

struggle: problema

ages: edades

diverse: diverso

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Show: muestran

author: autor

shaped: forma

dress: viste

moisture: humedad

clothes: ropa

learn: aprender

nowadays: en la actualidad

cold: frío

weather: clima

totally: totalmente

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


lead: permite

leader: lider

spits: escupe

floor: piso

near: cerca

seize: confiscar

horrified: horrorizado

quickly: rápidamente

Meaning of...

Meaning of..


Greetings: saludos

mirrors: espejos

since: Desde

bow: arco

shake: sacudir

strangers: desconocidos

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


struggle: problema

bills: cuentas

young: joven

middle: medio

lives: vidas

perhaps: quizás

played: jugaron

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


highlights: resaltados

develop: desarrolla

kind: amable

quiet: callada

discreet: Discreta

expected: esperan

care: cuidado

determination: determinación

strength: fuerza

desire: deseo

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Among: entre

stands: permanece

daughter: hija

strong: fuerte

too: muy

travel: viajar

writer: escritora

trouble: problema

ventures: empresas

able: poder

claimed: reclamada

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


role: rol

married: casado

saltable: sultable

written: escrito

successful: exitoso

writer: escritora

husband: esposo

partner: compañero

recognize: reconocer

gender: género

sign: señal

growth: crecimiento

century: siglo

achieved: logrado

rights: derechos

towards: hacia

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


develops: desarrolla

pace: paso

views: vistas

solve: Resolver

compelling: convincente

still: todavía

relevant: relevante

at least: por lo menos

radically: radicalmente

Read the essays...

1.Which essay describes a book that represents...?


Little Women

2.Which essay describes a book that compares...?


Dune and the Culture

Get the details

1.What is the book Dune about?


The book is set in the distant future in the middle of a interstellar society in which different noble houses control the planetary fiefs.

2.What are the cultural differences described...?


The Fremen who are the people of the dessert, dress in a special suit that recycles a moisture generated by the human body; the Atreides clothes meant to protect them from cold weather or to show status; they do not need to preserve water, so they have learn a new dressing code.

3.Why is spitting correct...?


Because spitting for the Fremen menas giving away their moisture.

4.What is the book Little Women about...?


Is a story about four young sisters. In the book describes scenes from the everyday life of a middle class

family who have lost their fortune and struggle to pay the bills. The most important perhaps is the role women played in 19th century American society.

5.What is the traditional role of women...?


Women were expected to be in control of themselves, to be kind, quiet, discreet, to care about their looks and their connections, or important friends. Also, the author constantly highlights the importance of being true, hardworking and kind more than caring about materialistic things or social status.

6.How does Jo`s role change...?


Jo accepts her role as a woman, she gets married and becomes a school teacher, a job that was considered sultable fro women. Also, she has written under her own name, using her knowledge and experience to become a successful writer.

Find in the text a word...

1.The particular importance or attention...



2.The conditions which people live...



3.An act that causes feeling or being upset...



4.A large amount of money, goods, property...



5.Always putting a lot of effort and care...


Hardworking/ determination

6.A strong wish to achieve something...



Meaning of....

What is a mind map?


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