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Connecting or Dividing

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Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Connecting: conectando

dividing: dividiendo

social media: redes sociales

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


share: compartir

thoughts: pensamientos

polarizes: polariza

long time ago: hace mucho tiempo

logged on: sesión iniciada

search engine: buscador

URL: Localizador de Recursos uniforme

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


found: encontré

drawings: dibujos

cartoon: caricatura

gathered: juntar

political views: puntos de vista políticos

while: mientras

rights: derechos

viewpoints: puntos de vista

research: buscar

data: datos

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Core: núcleo

still: todavía

research: búsqueda

grow: Crecer

agree: acordar

risks: riesgos

benefits: beneficios

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


risk: riesgo

statements: enunciados

have the final word: la última palabra

view: punto de vista

face to face: cara a cara

composure: calma

hide: esconder

screen: pantalla

respectful: respetuoso

side: lado

easy: fácil

human being: ser humano

sight: vista

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Risk: riesgo

accuracy: exactitud

network resources: recursos de red

besides: aparte

news: noticias

running: manejando

fully: completamente

understand: entender

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


Tech giants: gigantes de la tecnología

keep track: hacer seguimiento

spend: invertir

share: compartir

algorithm: algoritmo

content: contenido

ahead: adelante

reinforces: refuerza

rather: más bien

known as: conocido como

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


reinforced: reforzada

whenever: cuando

feel: sentir

react: reaccionar

strongly: fuertemente

strange: desconocida

view: vista

hearing: escuchando

willing: dipuesto

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


say: decir

attempting: tratando

between: entre

trying: tratando

engaged: comprometido

make sure: asegurar

disagree: no estar de acuerdo

tools: herramientas

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


issue: problema

tools: herramientas

comfortable: cómodo

aware: consciente

respectful: respetuoso

patient: paciente

manner: manera

share: compartir

beliefs: Creencias

harder: más fuerte

anywhere: donde sea

everyone: a todos

Mark the best alternative....

Mark the best alternative title...


1.How IT Companies Control what You Think

Get the details...

1.What are some of the topics the writer debated in his first online...?


  • The accuracy of the information in the network resources
  • How IT companies can manipulate your ideas or what you see in your websites
  • Debating different points of view within the social media and websites
  • Risks of the internet

2.What did the author learn from debating...?


That it is very easy to insult or say your point of view in a disrespectful way forgetting that there is another human being behind the screen; it is very easy for people to be disrespectful or rude at the time of debating point of views through the internet.

3.What is the first risk of having...?


The first risk is anonymity, you never directly have to confront the people you are discussing ideas with. This makes it easy for people to make ridiculous or extreme statements for their own side of the argument.

4.What is the authors opinion about the...?


Content on most public network resources can be edited by almost anyone, which is why you should never trust sites like Wikipedia for your homework research. Besides, there are many online news sites that tend to filter their facts to reinforce the point of view of the people running them, meaning they can manipulate the information.

5.What are the disadvantages of..?


Echo chambers become closed spaces where it is harder to express an opposing point of view, because your contacts become used to hearing only their own opinions echoed back to them, so they will react more strongly yo a strange idea.

6.What is the authors opinion about IT....?


The internet should be a platform that prepares us to communicate in a civil manner all the time, anywhere and with everyone.

Get the Words...

1.Back then, in 1998, things worked in a very....


b. At that time

2.The first risk is one of the internet's first and primary...



3.They can manipulate the information you need to....


c.Change to their convenience

Meaning of...

Meaning of...


devices: aparatos

opposing: oponiéndose

views: vistas

interview: entrevista

topic: tema

choose: elije

findings: investigaciones

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