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Unit 1. Dealing with Everyday Problems

Respuestas del libro

Dealing with Everyday Problems

2. Read the PSA and identify the parts taht answer the questions.


  1. To students that are bullied.
  2. Bullying.
  3. Talk to an adult.
  4. To speak up and don't keep silent.

>Reflect on the following questions.


1.They could be PSAs preventing bullying or student problems.

2.They must contain the exact words for the message to be understood.

PSA effective

How much do I know?


  1. In school
  2. About recycling
  3. I would like to see about the importance of eating breakfast

Look at and read the PSA below. Definde the key ideas using the following questions as a guide.


  1. First one is dialogue 1, second one is dialogue 2
  2. First one safety and second one health issues
  3. Children and young people
  4. Because it is the most important message


5.Read the PSAs below and analyze the possible meaning of each message.


1. Take your dog on a trip.

1. Don’t get depressed by your weigh.

2. Plastic in the ocean kills fish

>Read the excerpts from the PSAs and decide wich poster they correspond to.


  2. You are more important than this number
  3. Don't cook your dog!
Product Step 1

You have seen second ideas for PSAs now.


Time to read!

How Am I Doing?


  1. B
  2. A
  3. C

Time to read!

7.Listen and circle the appropiate intonation.


  1. Orange
  2. Orange
  3. Blue
  4. Orange
  5. Orange

Product Step 2


The Topic of The PSA: Stop Bullying

  1. 3 people.
  2. Sofia and Carlos will be the main characters.
  3. A suspense tone and low volume for suspense.
  4. José will say the strong phrase.
  5. Sounds of mistery.
Water inside my house each time it rains!

8.Look the model of the poster for a PSA and discuss what topic it may refer to.


  1. That houses get water inside when it rains
  2. To don’t litter and pick up trash from streets and parks
  3. Yes because it says the city belongs to everyone
Product Step 3

Now is the time to prepare the final version of your PSA.


Product Step 4



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