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Unit 2. Performing a Play

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Performing a Play

1.Read the theater play and discuss the questions.


1. In Naz’s house because it says in the beginning

2. Yes, the neighbors. Because they appear the whole play

3. Children

4. For the actors to know what to do

5.They are used to know what expressions or sounds to know how to use.

How Much Do I Know?


  1. In theaters.
  2. Yes, I have.
  3. Decoration in stage, costumes, music and sounds.

Perfoming a Play

3. Body language helps you transmit your message with more clarity. Look at the body language in the pictures and read the descriptions. Then discuss the questions.


  1. To express the message better
  2. It can confuse the people so they don’t get the correct message


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The medium

5.Read the extracts from The Medium. Then discuss the questions with your classmates.


  1. 1st one
  2. 3rd one
  3. 2nd one

How Am I Doing?


  1. Instructions for the actor of movement, position, tone.
  2. Main character is the most important person in the story, secondary character are not the main focus and help the main character achieve the goal.
  3. Comedy, tragedy, farce, satire, historical.
  4. So the message is clear and understood.

Product Step 1.



Name of play: Doctor Know-It-All

Genre: Comedy

Main character: fish and doctor

Secondary Character: Gerta, Baron, Child 1, etc.

Target audience: Children

Coyote and Rabbit

7.Listen and read the lines from the theater play again. Then discuss the questions.


  1. Rabbit because the story centers around him.
  2. Coyote, son and mother.
  3. Because they are an exclamation sentence.
  4. To make emphasis on certain sentences.

Body Language.

Look at the Coyote and Rabbit. With a classmate, think about wich characters could use the following types of body language.


  1. Hungry
  2. Go away
  3. Angry
  4. Confused


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Product Step 2

Look at the play yo selected in Product Step 1.


In the following links are examples of vocabulary that you can use for each section:

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