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Unit 4. Reading the News

Respuestas del libro

Reading the News.

1.Read the two pieces of news and discuss the questions.


  1. First one online and the second one in newspapers
  2. Teenagers and parents
  3. About teenagers with phone addiction


2. Look at the comparative chart about the news and discuss the questions


  1. To inform about phone addiction.
  2. The first one.
  3. One is more interactive and directed towards teenagers and the other one is more serious for parents.

> Read both articles again and discuss the questions


  1. Yes, I do.
  2. Not really.
  3. No, I did not know it.

> How much do I know?


  1. Sometimes.
  2. Online, in newspaper, on TV, radio.
  3. Local news, worldwide news, sports, weather.
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requieren del apoyo de tus compañeros. Realiza la actividad dentro de tu salón y responde como se te indica.

4. Read the articles on page 38 again. Then look at the questions below and write notes to answer them. Write 1,2 or both according to which article contains the information.


> Discuss the questions.


1. Yes, I did it.

2. Yes, it is.

3. The 1st one because the information is clear and with facts



> How am I doing?


1.   Yes, I can.

2.   Yes, I can identify the information.

3.   Yes, I can guess.

5. Key words are words that contain the main ideas of a text. Look at the following news headlines and identify the key words.


  1. Guillermo del Toro / direct / film
  2. Djokovic / recover / injury
  3. Young scientist / shelter for homeless
  4. Foods / can can cause cancer

> Look at the headlines above. Work with a classmate and discuss which article they correspond to. Justify your answer.


●    Louis Tse is now a thermal engineer at NASA Laboratories…, he had a nowhere… belongs to: A young scientist provides..

●    A 10 percent increase in eatinn belongs to: foods such as…

●    The shape of water is both a sinister monster movie and a touching fairy tale… belongs to: Guillermo del Toro to direct…

●    The former Serbian tennis champion… belongs to: Djokovic will recover…


Louis Tse

6. Read these two articles about Louis Tse. Then do the tasks below.


  1. Both articles are about the same topic, the second article is more informative than the other one.
  2. The second one because it has more information about the shelter
  3. For students

Good Articles

> Product Step 2


Choose two news items to compare. News articles can be found on this page:

7. With your classmates, discuss the characteristics of a good news article. Be sure to give reasons for your answers


-This is a long text.

-This article has a good design

-It's easy to identify your main idea because it has lots of pictures

8. Work with a classmate and review these three articles from the unit. Discuss the characteristics and mark () the boxes according to what you think.


> Compare the articles in a small group and discuss the questions.


  1. Similar: they are interesting, contain pictures and appealing headlines.
  2. Different: some don’t include background information or useful pictures
  3. An appealing headline.
  4. The difficulty of vocabulary-

Product Step 3


Prepare the comparative table. You can use the guide in Activity 8 or the table on page. 37 activity 2.

Product Step 4



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