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Unit 6. Looking Inside Machines

Respuestas del libro

Looking Inside Machines

1.Read the informative text and indentify the parts that explain how remote controls work.


1. Technical information= información técnica.

2.The purpose of the image is to illustrate how the controller and the buttons looks like so the reader an easily understand the text. The image also shows where the buttons mentioned in the text are located.

3. Anyone who watches TV and wants to know how the remote and the TV communicate between each other.


Remote Controls

2.Look at the infographic below and do the tasks.


1.   Compare the infographic with…

Respuesta: The informative text is easier to understand because it has a deeper explanation about how the controller works. The infographic contains the same information as the informative text but summarized.

2.   Discuss the...

Respuesta: The purpose of the image is to illustrate how the controller looks like and the reader can identify the buttons mentioned in the text.

How Much Do I Know?


  1. No, I don`t.
  2. Yes, i do.
  3. Yes, i like.

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requieren del apoyo de tus compañeros. Realiza la actividad dentro de tu salón y responde como se te indica.

>Read a summary of this first paragraph of the text. Then discuss the questions.


1.Yes, it includes.


5.Read another informative text about how a calculator work. In your own words, explain the following points.


1.   When you press a button on the calculator, the button makes contact with a sensor, later a circuit board detects the sensor and lights up the number pressed.

2.   When you make more than one operation, the calculator stores the numbers in a memory called register and saves all the process until you press the button =.

3.   Calculators do math by using binary codes. Binary codes consists in combinations of the numbers 0 and 1, the calculator reads this combinations and interprets the commands in patterns. Once the calculator reads the patterns, it translates it to the desired number.


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serán diferentes para cada quien. Realiza la actividad y responde como se te indica.
Blow dryer

>Read the notes a student wrote to prepare an infographic. Analyze the notes with the help of the questions below.


  1. No, they are not correct.
  2. No, it is not.
  3. Yes, I can.
  4. Yes, I can.

How Am I Doing?


  1. Because they help to understand information quickly
  2. Internet, newspapers, magazines from reliable sources
  3. Replace words with synonyms, use different order of words, vary part of the speech and use active and passive voice

Product Step 2

8.Complete the infographic with the information you wrote. Draw the missing pictures.