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Unit 10. Making Complaints

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Respuestas del libro

Listen again and answer the questions.
  1. What is the woman in conversation 1 complaining about?


He might be complaining about the computer or something that she have the ticket in there. Because she is watching her computer

What is wrong with the customer´s product in the conversation 2?


They are conversating about a mechanical failure on the product

How does the customer in conversation 3 sound?


He sounds very mad

Are the speakers talking to each other in person, or on the phone


two of them are talking in person and the other one is talking on phone

2-. Read and listen to someone complaining about a product. Identify the following parts of the conversation.

How did Humberto sound when he arrived?


Angry and upset

How was the supervisor's attitude?


kind and helpful

How did Humberto feel with the situation the supervisor goes him?


Happy and thankful

Discuss the following questions
  1. What was the most effective way of communication? why?


Personal talks are more effective because the customer can pressure the company to help them solve the problem

What are advantages and disadvantages of each one


The advantage of personal talking is the comprehension and the easy way you can explain the problem, the disadvantage is that sometimes the customer can be a little bit stressed and not help you.

The advantage of phone talking is that you case would be attend with specific information but the disadvantage is that it might take longer.

4-. Read and listen to the extracts...

1-. Identify the reasons for the complaints


The first complain is about a brand new phone that came with a broken screen.

The second complain is about a camera that doesn't work even though the company tried to fix it already.

2-. Observe how the customers expressed their problem.


The customers expressed themselves with respect but with disappointment.

6-. Read a complaint from Activity 3. Then do tasks below.

1-. Say whether the salesperson was polite or impolite.


The salesperson was very impolite because he responded in a rude and aggressive way, he also showed no interest in solving the customer problem.

2-. Reflect on the effect the salespersons answer had on the customer


The customer will probably complaint with the manager and wont go to that store again.

3-.Replace and underline phrases. Use the sentences from the chart above as a model.


How can I help you?

What seems to be the problem?

I apologize for the situation

Let me talk to my superior to see what we can do

7-. Remember that body language helps you transmit your attitude more clearly.

Foto de arriba a la izquierda


The salesperson has a positive attitude towards the customer and the customer is happy

Foto de arriba a la derecha


The customer is angry because her package arrived broken, probably because the delivery man didn´t handle it with care 

Foto de abajo a la izquierda:


The customer is happy and the delivery man is also happy doing his job

Foto de abajo a la derecha:


The librarian is reflecting a polite attitude towards the client and she responds in a polite way too.

8-. Listen and read along. Focus your attention or how the salesperson and the customer sound.

Identify the emotions expressed in the underline sentences


The customer is acting very rude and impolite towards the salesperson, even though is not his fault that the client does´t have the receipt.

On the other hand, the salesperson is responding in a polite and professional way.

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