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Unit 8. Comparing Cultural Aspects

Respuestas del libro

Read the essay and check your predictions. Then discuss the questions and justify the answers.

1-. What is the topic topic author discusses in the essay.


The cultural differences between the US and the UK.

2-. What's the author's tone: funny or serious?



3-. What kind of information can you find in the first paragraph?


An introduction with general information about both countries and the pint of view of the author.

4-. What aspects are discussed in the body of the essay?


The main differences between the two countries in general aspects.

2. Look at the comparative chart and discuss the questions.

1-. Does it include all the information from the essay?



2-. Does it include facts, opinions or both?



3-. Is the author's opinion mentioned?



4-. Is the information clearly organized?



Look at the photos.......

and mark the ones that best illustrate the essay.


Primera y cuarta imagen

Read the essay again and discuss the questions below.

1-. Why are Japanese considered to be more formal than Americans?


Because they consider something strange talking to strangers

2-. Do young people in both countries leave their parents house at the same age?


No, in the US, young people leave their parents house when they finish school because they have a individualistic culture; on the other side, young people in japan leave their parents house when they get married because they have a collectivist culture. 

3-. Which other aspects are contrasted in the essay? Which ones would you add?


In the US people leave tips in restaurants, but in Japan they get offended if they people leave tips. I would add the environmental care that Japan has in contrast with the one in the US.

Now, prepare two questions about other cultural aspects mentioned in the essay.



Do you think the formality in Japan is better than the friendliness from the US?



Why people in Japan don't leave tips in restaurants?

5. Read the following essay and...

Read the essay again and complete the mind map with a few notes.


6-. Now describe and compare both types of handicrafts and write sentences using the information in the mind map on page 72.

Now describe and compare.... write sentences...


●The Huichol culture is from Nayarit, while the Olinala culture is from Guerrero

●Huicholes work with paintings and beadwork, on the other hand the Olinalas work with wooden and clay crafts.

●Huicholes use yarn and beads as materials, on the other hand, Olinalas use wooden and clay

●While Huicholes make their handcraft for cultural purposes, Olinalas make their handcraft to sustain their economy.

Step 2

Use your sentences to prepare a comparative chart


Here you have to use the information that i gave you on the past page to complete the chart on the different topics; language, dress, sports and traditional dance.

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