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Unit 9. Participating in a Round Table

Respuestas del libro

1-. Look at the pictures and select which ones you think represents friendship.

Look at the pictures and....


I think all the pictures represent friendship because you can have a special relationship with anyone, it doesn't matter if they are close or far away

2-. Read the article and identify two ideas you agree with, and two you disagree with.

Ideas I agree


I agree with the ideas that says that having a friend make us happier and give us better self-esteem.

Ideas I disagree


I disagree with the statement that says that a friendship needs more that 200 hours to consider someone as a friend because you could find someone that you like to hang with in a shorter period of time.

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¿Que hacer?

4) Read the text about round tables and decide if the information is clear enough. If not ask your teacher


Solamente debes de leer el texto y comentarle las palabras que no entiendas a tu profesor

5-. Read the text about teen friendship again and answer the questions.

1-. What kind of text is it?


An article

2-. Where is the information from?


The information is from Newport Academy site

3-. Do you think the information is reliable? Why?


Yes, because the information comes from a study made by an academy

4-. What other sources are mentioned?


A journalist article

5-. Where can you look for information about the same topic?


Any sites with reliable sources

Look at the questions below and...

...Say which of them are answered in the text.


Preguntas 1 y 3

6-. Listen to the beginning of a round table discussion.

1-. How the moderator begins the round table?


Hi, everyone, let's get started

2-. The rules of a debate


make sure you are wearing your name tags all the time, and raise your hand when you want to participate.

3-. How he introduces the topic


So, as you know, the topic of our...

4-. How he introduces information to trigger the discussion


And for this purpose I would like to begin by sharing with you the results...

7-. Listen to the second part of the round table discussion as you read along and answer the questions

1-. How many participants are there?


6 participants

2-. What is the moderator's attitude throughout the discussion?



3-. How do the participants sound: enthusiastic, bored, aggressive, polite, indifferent, etc.?


Polite and enthusiastic.

8. Listen to the last page of the round table discussion as you read along and answer the questions
  1. Most of us agree that...


That stealing and lying is always unethical no matter the circumstances

However some believe that... and


Sometimes the circumstances can justify the actions.

Almost everybody thinks that


That those actions are wrong

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