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Lesson 10. What did Diego Rivera do?

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Lesson 9
Look at the pictures match them with the corresponding sentence


Lesson 10
3. Write the missing information about Diego Rivera.


Name: Diego Rivera

Date of birth: December 8th,1886

Place of birth: Guanajuato , Mexico.

Date of death: November 25th,1957.

Studied at: San Carlos Academy

Painted: a famous mural in the national palace.

Traveled to: Europe.

Last wife: Frida Kahlo.

1. Previous knowledge. Before you read the biography answer the questions.


a) Who was Diego Rivera? He was a painter.

b) Where was he born? He was born in Guanajuato.

c) When was he born? December 8th , 1886.

d) Why was he famous? Because He painted the famous murals in the national palace and many works of art.

e) When did he die? November 25th , 1957.

Lesson 10
4. Complete the chart with the past simple tense of the verbs. Look at the example


Regular verbs

  • worked
  • walked
  • carried
  • cried
  • jumped

Irregular verb

  • wrote
  • drove
  • did

Word of one syllable consonant+vowel+consonant

  • clapped
  • hugged
  • stopped


  • carried
  • cried
  • studied

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