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Lesson 14. They weren’t actors, they were muralists

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After reflection , write the missing words about the topics in this lesson


a) in this lesson you learned that the verbs are words to indicate the past simple tense of the verb to be in a singular form.

b) Also, we can use was/wasn´t to talk about the past where we were in the past

Order the following words to write the names of these muralists.


a)José Clemente Orozco

b)David Alfaro Siqueiros

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3-Complete the sentences with information in the web page.


a)José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros were muralists.

b)They weren´t American , they were Mexicans.

c)They were in other countries

d)José Clemente Orozco was born in Jalisco on November 22nd ,1883.

e)David Alfaro Siqueiros was a soldier in the Venustiano Carranza´s Army

Look at the words in Bold in exercise three and complete the chart


You were affirmative

you weren´t Negative

we were affirmative

we weren´t negative