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Lesson 15. Was Iturbide the first president oF Mexico?

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Check your progress
After reflection ,write the missing words about the topics in this lesson


A) in this lesson you learned that the verbs are words that indicate the past simple tense of the verb to be in a plural .

1-Choose the corresponding option and write it on the line


In this subject you learn about historic events and personalities who lived in the past. b)History

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A)Answer the quuestions


a)Was Richard at the party yesterday afternoon?no , He wasn´t

b)Was Roberto at the library yesterday afternoon?no , He wasn´t

c)Were Richard and Roberto at school yesterday afternoon?no , they weren´t

d)Was Richard looking for information about the first president of Mexico?yes, He was

e)Were Roberto and Jenny dancing at the party?yes, they were

Write the missing information
complete the chart


Name; Guadalupe Victoria

Real name: José Miguel Ramon Adaucto Fernandez y Felix


Date of birth:September 29th , 1786

Place of birth: Villa de Tamazula, Durango

Died:On March 21st , 1843 in the state of Mexico

Look at the words in bold in exercise two and complete the chart.



Pronouns I

Affirmative yes, I was

Negative no, I wasn´t

were? you

Affirmative yes, we were

negative no, we weren´t

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