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Lesson 16. My first day at school

Respuestas del libro

Complete the exercise


Last weekend Maricela was at home

a)Last week Maricela wasn´t at home

b)My father was at work last Saturday

c)My spanish class was interesting

d)Last Sunday my friends were in the zoo

e)My mother was at the office on Monday

Check your progress
Choose the corresponding option to complete the sentence. write it on the line


In this lesson you learned how

c)answering questions about events in the past

Was, were, wasn´t, weren´t are the past forms of the verb to be.

What was Jacky´s mother doing?


b)She was reading a magazine.

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4. Read the following sentences and complete the diagram.


Was/Were + verb + ing

3.Write the percentages according to the article then, design a graph


12% of students are not nervous.

88 % of students are absolutely nervous the first day of school

25 % of students make friends but change them in the year

40% of students just talk to classmates and make friends later

35% of students make friends the first day of school.

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