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Lesson 2. I visited Veracruz

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Lesson 2
1. Write the missing information in the e-mail.




Lesson 1
Write the following sentences in past simple tense


d) Juan and his friends played soccer in the park,

e) Melissa bought a new dress,

Lesson 2
4. Complete the chart with the verbs in bold in the e-mail.


3. Complete the chart with activities about Sandy according to the information in the e-mail.


Friday: They went to San Juan de ulua and had dinner at the parroquia.

Saturday: They visited the beach and swam all day , in the afternoon they watched a beautiful sunset and ate delicious sea food.

Sunday: They visited the aquarium , she bought some souvenirs and took photos.

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Lesson 2
Complete the text with the past siemple tense of the verbs in parentheses


Yesterday Julio and his brother went to the movies.They watched a horror movie. They ate pop corn and drank a soda. After the movies they visited their grandmother. She invited them to have dinner. They had a good time at their grandmother´s house.

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