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Lesson 30. Review

Respuestas del libro

Read the text and write the pucntuation marks


It was a beautiful day on the coast of Veracruz on April 21st, 1519 when Spanish arrived.The sun was shinning and the Indian children were running on the beach and swimming in the ocean. The men and woman were working.Suddenly,a little boy shoutedLook, there is monster on the ocean !Every one turned and looked big galleons near the coast. When the ships anchored,Hernan Cortes,his men and some horses came to the beach in small boats. Indians believed the blond Spanish man was a god sent by Quetzalcoatl. Who do you think was more amazed:The Spanish or the Indians?

Write True of False


a) False

b) True

c) False

d) False

e) False


Underlina the verbs in past simple tense and in past continuous in the text and write them on the line


Verbs in past simple tense: arrived, anchored, believed, came, shouted, looked,

turned, was, amazed.

Past continuous: was shinning, were running, were working

Order the words to write sentences


a) Mariana was doing her homework when the lights went out.

b) Nancy and Pedro were dancing when the teacher arrived into the classroom.

c) What were you doing when your mother got home?

d) What were you doing when the earthquake began?

Complete the verb table


Answer the following question
Answer the questions


a) Miguel Hidalgo was.

b) Hernan Cortes was.

c) Cuauhtemoc was.

d) The Aztecs were.

e) The rain god.

f ) William Shakespeare

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